Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, unlimited is unlimited.

Yes, as long as it is not in conflict with “normal use”, all music can be used in every AV production.

We do not allow our music to be used in productions that contain racism, violence, hatred, sexual abuse or other forms of obscenity.

This depends on the production. Registration must take place for radio and TV productions. This is done through a CUE Sheet. Click here for more information about the CUE Sheet and when you will or must not enter it.

No. Although we appreciate it when we are mentioned in your productions, it is not mandatory.


No. A license is personal or company-related. Depending on your license, it is determined how many accounts you can use. It is of course allowed to use music in productions intended for your client (s). See here the licenses that we offer. If several B.V.’s or operating companies of an organization want to use TRX Music, please contact us for a customized offer.

When you take out a license you will receive an invoice from us after signing the agreement. Once you have received your login you can immediately use TRX Music.

To take out a license, click here. It also explains exactly which license best suits your use. Do you have any questions about this or do you not know which one suits you best? Then take it here can you contact us

Yes. We use a cancellation period of one calendar month.

Yes. If you wish to downgrade your license, this is possible. Please note, downgrading is only possible when the license term expires or needs to be extended.

Nothing. As long as your project is published at the time of a valid license, nothing is wrong. It is not allowed to adjust productions outside the license period.

Yes. This one is here to download. You will also find our general terms and conditions and privacy agreement here.

Yes. You might have to upgrade your license because of this, but this is always possible.

To prevent abuse, we believe it is important that every account is manually verified. During office hours the verification will take place a lot faster. Do you want direct access after registration? Then you can contact us here


Yes, all music including all versions is available as long as the license is running.

Our update rhythm is as follows:

1 new TRX music album once a month (10 tracks per album)
A new Score TRX album once every 4 months (10 tracks per album)
A new Production TRX album once every 4 months (10 tracks per album)

We have no influence on the updating rhythm of V. The Music Library. V. The Production Library strives for 4 updates per year.


Yes, you can fully adjust all music.

No. Our music is not right-free. We always say: Right-free music does not exist. Someone always manages the rights, in this case, TRX. As a producer, you “borrow” the music to use it in productions and you have arranged everything neatly and will not be surprised.

This depends on what license you have and what you will use the music for. Look here for an overview of our packages.

All music (with the exception of V. the production library) and the services that we offer, including illustrations and album art, are protected by copyright and remain the property of TRX Music B.V.

No, you can adjust it for use, but you are not allowed to re-release it.

Yes. The music may also be used for audio productions, such as radio commercials, waiting for music, spoken instructions, podcasts, etc. When in doubt you can always send us a message!

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