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Welcome to TRX Music

Born out of a passion for audio, TRX Music was founded in 2003 by the team of Top Format, one of the leading studios for commercials, jingles and sound logos in The Netherlands. With time TRX Music has grown into the distinctive music library that it is today. We provide access to high-quality, affordable music to take your productions to the next level.

Powered by a passion for music we help creatives realize their artistic vision by continuously releasing new music to keep our library fresh and up to date with the current music trends so you will always find something that suits your production.

Our mission

Our goal is your goal: to help you find the best music for your video productions. High-quality music licensing shouldn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Nothing should stand in the way of your creative process. We offer direct and unlimited access to our entire catalog of unique and refreshing music so you can focus on what you do best; tell your story.

Need help finding music for your production or content?

Feel free to contact us down below.

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